Alyssa & Kelsey

“DJ Ross at Double Platinum Celebrations was hands down the reason why our wedding was such a huge success! Everyone was on the dance floor all night, and he played a perfect blend of the kinds of music we wanted (top 40 hits, classic rock, and a few country favorites and wedding staples!). The music at the reception was the most important to my wife, and so we researched a bunch before picking DJ Ross. It was the best decision we could have made! We received so many compliments from our guests about how it was the best reception they’d ever been to.

To back up a bit and give you more of the story, we got married on 8/5/16 and had seen Double Platinum Celebrations at the Portland Bridal Show back in February 2016. So we had about 6 months. After emailing back and forth a few times about price quotes, we were put in touch with a DJ. I wanted someone younger and closer to our ages (25 and 26), and so we were paired with a different DJ, who was DJ Ross. So I was super glad that they were accommodating about that.

To be honest, we didn’t do much music planning until about a week before, when we started filling out the forms of what we wanted, what we didn’t want to hear, etc. The online form was super easy to work with, and we chatted with DJ Ross on the phone a few times in that week prior. He was a perfect mix of professional and easygoing, which matched our personalities exactly.

Then on the day-of, he was there early to set his equipment up with the existing dancing lights already at the venue, and also to set up a mic for the ceremony. He also set up an amp for my sister who played guitar for us down the aisle, then played a send-off song after the ceremony finished. Then he cranked the tunes for the reception. He went above and beyond and we are so, so appreciative.

I’d highly recommend DJ Ross to everyone who wants a good time dancing all night. It was perfect in every way!”

Alyssa & Kelsey

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