Katrina & Ryan

“We had a great experience with DJ Brian – We were a little non traditional in that we didn’t have formal announcements and we were very laid back, and Brian was very understanding and let us be relaxed about the music/entertainment piece. He played a lot of music that we had requested before the wedding and it kept the mood right for the evening. Thank you for helping us to provide great music for our wedding!

Brittany & Will RoyOh my gosh, Brian was amazing! He livened up the place and even got my dad to boogie. He was very professional and so was his helper… I think his name was Mike. Super fantastic- the both of them. They played all the music perfectly, even songs I haven’t heard since in was young. The day was beautiful, the party was so fun, and the lights were amazing. Ingot a little nervous about lights because I am epileptic, but Brian made sure to not have any strobe lights or anything. He really made me feel appreciated and focused on. Not only did we have a great pair of djs, but we made two new friends. I will forever be grateful for his professionalism and services.”

Katrina & Ryan

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