Caitlin & Ben

“We loved DJ Chris. He did a really fabulous job all around, and every guest we have talked to about him thought so too.

His timing and music choices were perfect. He was personable and engaging at the right times (announcing us, end of the night, etc.) and he “disappeared” for the rest of the night–by that I mean that you didn’t even notice him, the music was just really seamless and on point. Maybe a funny comment but he really nailed the volume–I talked to him about my older family members being quite concerned about the volume of music at weddings (wish I was kidding), and those family members were really impressed afterwards, and everyone still had a blast dancing it up!  Chris was also flexible and kind when we made some last-minute changes on him. Finally, the way he mic’d our ceremony was really great. I wouldn’t have known if he made sound adjustments during or anything, but everyone could hear us and his idea to clip the lapel mic to our officiant’s book was visually subtle but made it really easy for anyone speaking to be amplified.

As you can see, we thought he was just terrific and will recommend him to anyone.”

Caitlin & Ben

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