Lisa & Ben

“How many more reviews will it take? As I started the search for a DJ I recall reading all these reviews, One after another most of them ranting and raving about how “great” or “amazing” DJ ABC123 really was. Soon I found myself getting distracted by google’s ads promising to lead me to an undoubtedly more interesting topic. So their I sat having been tasked to pick the DJ for Our wedding. Guys no pressure right? Being 8 months out from our wedding date I had plenty of time. Soon 8 months became 7, 6 and what I recall was sometime around 5 months out I had to get going on this. Now its not that I am a procrastinator its more like I was just being your typical guy. With work and what little down time I have I figured it could wait. So now its time to choose. I had collected up a few names of Dj’s and emailed them to establish contact and see who was interested in my business. Right away DJ Kevin from Double Platinum Celebrations was very prompt in returning my email. I was impressed with his level of service from the beginning. After some back and forth with Kevin he arranged with us a time to meet. His general interest in us as a couple stood out. His knowledge of music was outstanding and he was available to us even before we had signed with him. The point here is that we never felt like just “the next wedding” or “just some potential customers”. From the beginning He treated us as friends. I was impressed from the beginning of the process with Kevin. His customer service set him above the others. He answered all of my questions mundane and absurd. Turns out his lighting equipment is even able to reproduce lighting to a specific kelvin temperature is you so desire. Well anyways if your still reading this drawn out review let me put it this way…. You will find no better value and service to you and your future spouse leading up to your wedding day. As for the wedding I was confident before our event in Kevin. He exceeded our greatest of expectations! Weeks now after the wedding our guests are still talking about how professional and entertaining Our DJ was. I will with out question be working with Kevin from Double Platinum Celebrations again in my professional and personal life. ………. And by the way Do Not read anymore reviews. You have suffered enough and have found the right DJ!”

Lisa & Ben

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