Regina & Steven

“DJ Jeremie was great! He was very easy to work with. He was open to our suggestions and also provided some great suggestions when we were unsure what we wanted. He was very responsive and consistently reached out to us in the months prior to the wedding to let us know that he was there if we needed anything. During the best man’s speech, he was right on point with playing a song from Titanic when things got a little mushy! Everyone thought that was great and still mention it to us. It also helped the best man calm his nerves a little by making him laugh, which was much appreciated by us all. Jeremie did a great job making last minute changes and going with the flow when we decided to change the order of the dances and other activities while we waited for food to be served. He did a great job playing a variety of fun music throughout the night, despite there not being many people who dance in our families. He also spent a little time with us after the reception was over, which was really nice. Overall, Jeremie was an absolute pleasure to work with. We could tell that he really enjoys what he does. Having him as our DJ was so much fun and he made things much less stressful than we anticipated!”
Regina & Steven

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