David & Rachelle

“My fiance and I got married in June 2017 in Rockport, ME. We reside in PA so the wedding location of Maine was destination for us. My fiance found our DJ services after looking at many others online and after speaking with the owner, he thought that perhaps we should speak with DJ ROSS who he thought would be a could “tentative match” for our June wedding. My fiance (Dave), Ross and myself spoke on a conference call and we got a very good feeling, he feels out the guests, keeps the dance floor going and plays many varieties of music. He was the perfect fit for our wedding! He listened to all the music groups and genres that we had requested for the pre-ceremony, cocktail hour and than of course the dance party reception! Everything flowed very nicely and I actually got 4-5 different compliments from our guests the morning after the wedding saying how good he was and that was from my father who is (57), 2 of my girlfriends (26 and 29) and my brother (36) and I know I got a handful of others. The point being that he attracts many different age groups and gets them on the dance floor having a great time and all the music is appropriate for family (young and old) and friends. If we had to do it all over again we would pic DJ ROSS (Shaun Rossetti) again as he was GREAT! He is also very accommodating with phone and email and keeps on top of being organized. I honestly cannot remember what the total was for the DJ services, but Dave and I thought it incredibly reasonable, I want to say it was between $650-$1000 but again I cannot remember, I believe it was definitely under $1,000. Shaun was there pre-ceremony so @ 3 and reception ended at 10pm. ”


David & Rachelle

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