Sara & Jaret

The whole time we were planning for the wedding we (obviously) knew that we wanted our guests to have a great time – and we knew our crowd of guests would be concerned mostly about the music and dancing. When Chris arrived to the site he arrived early, set up quickly, he was kind, and he was concerned about the placement of his equipment. Chris made sure that everything was in working order and that our plans were still on the same track way before guests started arriving – making it a lot less stressful on our side. Everything that Chris and I talked about before the wedding fell into place. Photos took a bit longer than we expected (as always – right?) but Chris made sure that he stuck to what we discussed (the first dances, the speeches, and our favorite – the dance floor songs.) Chris was in a positive mood every time we talked to him, he was excited to do his job, he was friendly, he was patient, and overall he was concerned about us and what we wanted. Chris is a wonderful DJ and he is great at doing what he loves! If anyone asks about recommending a DJ I would recommend Double Platinum Celebrations and put in the word about Chris.

Sara & Jaret

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