Kristina and Chris

“I’ll preface this by saying that I’m sure that any DJ from Double Platinum is amazing, but Kevin was our DJ and he was seriously just the absolute best. He initially spent an hour and a half with me when we were booking him, discussing the type of music my husband and I like as well as what the overall vision of the ceremony and reception was. He was so responsive to my emails, which was crucial as we were planning from Pennsylvania for a Maine wedding and I’m “just a little” type A. He absolutely nailed my very, very, very specific requests regarding preceremony and processional music. The day of, he was easily able to accommodate a request for Persian music (my husband’s family is from Iran), and worked effortlessly to get it incorporated into our reception. It may not seem like a big deal (“of course the DJ should be able to get you music that you want”), but it makes a huge difference knowing that 50% of our family was SO happy. My mother in law complimented him to me at least 5 times in the reception, and specifically asked about his contact details to book him for more Persian parties, which honestly is the biggest compliment you can receive. I really could write pages of amazing things about DJ Kevin and Double Platinum, but just book them!”

Kristina and Chris

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