Katherine & Devin

DJ Sean was amazing! He was polite, on time, and very flexible with the schedule for the evening. We had asked him to be ready to begin playing music about 3:30 and introduce the wedding party and parents at 4:00. Photos took less time than anticipated (3:15) and we didn’t want to just hang around outside until 4:00. Our photographer went to ask DJ Sean if we could move up introduction time. DJ Sean was very flexible and went with the flow and change in schedule. He played a great assortment of music during dinner. When dinner was finished, he opened up the dance floor with a great song choice (I believe it was I wanna Dance with Somebody- Whitney Houston). We had the dance floor full within seconds- which was a great surprise to us. He kept the energy in the room going pretty much non-stop from about 5:30-8:30!

Before the big day, DJ Sean was great at keeping in touch with myself and Devin. We did not have much of an idea about how the big day would go or what types of music we wanted. DJ Sean was ready with suggestions for the schedule for the night as well as with music selections.

I would highly recommend DJ Sean to anyone who asks for a DJ in the future.

Thank you to DPC for providing a great DJ service!

Katherine & Devin

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