John & Rich

We were looking for a DJ for a Maine venue wedding. Being out of state, we never met with DJ Kevin prior to the wedding. Our phone calls leading up to the wedding provided a pleasant, jovial, confident feeling about how things were going to go. Turns out, they went even better.

DJ Kevin was spot on in the timing of all ceremonial music. The music sounded great with the equipment he used. There was no microphone feedback during the speaking portions of the ceremony.

DJ Kevin was very receptive to the mood of the dancers during the reception, playing the appropriate music based on the reactions of previous songs. You could tell he is seasoned professional. Not only was he excellent, he is funny and a lot of fun.

Several of our guests raved about DJ Kevin saying “Tour DJ was great! We actually stayed longer than we planned because of how good he was and how much fun we had.”

I would without a doubt recommend DJ Kevin to be your DJ for any event you might consider.

Rich & John

John & Rich

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