Felicia and Jim

My husband and I seriously lucked out with DJ Kevin. He hooked us up with a beautiful lighting package, as well as an amazing rate for the whole night! From the get-go, DJ Kevin is so personable, professional, and gets to know you so he can provide the most “you” entertainment for the night.

Using the easy to use website, we were able to load in a TON of song choices, easily highlight our special songs, and why, and sort the choices into simple categories (Definitely play, Maybe Play, DO NOT PLAY). The final phone call a couple days before the wedding had us all laughing, getting to know one another, and allowed Kevin to ask all the questions he needed to to ensure everything was in place for our big day.

Day of, Kevin arrived about two hours before to set up his equipment- speakers, lighting, his table and everything else he needed, so that when guests started arriving, he had a good mix of music we had previously selected playing. Kevin DJ’s the entire event with a golden voice, witty humor, and an ability to read a room like no one else. He knew just when to rev things up with some dance mixes, and when to slow it down. During our Best Man/Maids of Honor speeches, he helped ease their anxiety and nerves by playing audio clips and other sound bites at opportune times during the speeches, injecting humor and inducing laughs from everyone.

DJ Kevin was an amazing addition to our Wedding Team. I would recommend DJ Kevin and Double Platinum Celebrations to ANYONE for any entertainment needs! I can not wait to need their services again!

All our thanks and love,
Felicia and Jim W.

Felicia and Jim

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