Adam & McKenzie

“Perfect DJ for a Perfect Day! DJ Kevin and Double Platinum Celebrations were the DJ for our wedding in Popham Beach, ME in early July, 2019. In case the following review gets too long to read quickly, I can honestly say that my (new!) wife and I could not have asked for a better DJ for our wedding. I think the first sign of the events about to unfold was the phone call we had with DJ Kevin on our drive up to Maine. Our 5 and a half hour drive was pleasantly interrupted by DJ Kevin giving us a call to shore up some of the details regarding the list of songs we submitted. We ended up connecting about many of the songs we had chosen, which made for an awesome discussion about what he intended to play during the reception, the ceremony, and even the cocktail hour. His sheer amount of knowledge of the songs he had available to play, as well as some of the connections he made to other songs he knew we would like clued us in that we were dealing with a true, well-“versed” professional. He treated us with the utmost respect, and assured us that we were going to be treated right on our most special of days. After meeting DJ Kevin and finalizing the schedule and some other small details with him, we finally got to see him in action. It started with the wedding party’s walk down to the ceremony site, and he really showed us that he knew what he was doing. The ambient music was exactly what we had discussed, the mics for our vows and the reverend were set up perfectly, and the music as we walked back out was wonderful as well. Although I wasn’t around for the cocktail hour, the real shining moment seemed to be the reception. I’m not much of a dancer myself, I’m more of a runner, so I’m used to movement in a single direction. However, DJ Kevin knew exactly what he needed to play to get myself, my new bride, and both of our families up and moving and dancing the night away. My father is even less of a dancer than myself, and I don’t think I saw him leave the dance floor at all! All in all, a perfect night made even better by the perfect DJ.”

Adam & McKenzie – Wedding – 6/2/19

Adam & McKenzie

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