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At Double Platinum Celebrations we present some of the finest Mobile Disc Jockeys in the state of Maine. They each bring their own unique style and specialty to each and every function.

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DJ Collin

Collin, sometimes known as DJ Lucky Penny, has been DJing since 2011 and has performed at many weddings and private events since then.  He has a keen ability to keep a dance floor engaged while also being a charismatic emcee. His roots in Maine have raised him to understand how important family is and when you are celebrating two families coming together in holy matrimony, there is no one better for your special day!

Collin is excited to chat with you about your event !

Here’s what some folks have to say about DJ Collin:

Here is a great review from The Knot ! :

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Liz & Shane – Wedding – 10/19/19

Here is a great Knot Review ! :

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Catrina & Janaeuh – Wedding – 10/5/19

Here is a great Knot Review ! :

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Karen ( Mother of the Bride ) for Miranda & Jordan – Wedding – 8/31/19

“DJ Collin was an amazing part of our big day! From our first phone conversation with him, we could tell he understood the vibe we were going for (all various music for cocktail hour, dinner, and reception) and we felt totally confident in him. On our wedding day, he was so fun and professional, and we received so many compliments about him! From the minute he arrived, he immediately felt like part of the team – he was fun, encouraging, and kept the party going all night! Seriously – I don’t think I’ve ever seen people flood the dance floor as fast as they did as soon as Collin started playing music. He played a great range of music that had everyone dancing – from kids, to adults, to grandparents! We danced all night. He was also super great about letting my mom take the mic to have some fun, and about announcements throughout the night (intros, speeches, food, special dances). Overall, we are so thankful for Collin and so glad he was a part of our big day! THANK YOU!”

Jenna & John – Wedding – 7/13/19

This Event’s Weddingwire Review:

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“DJ Collin was fantastic! We hired Double Platinum Celebrations for our wedding in Portland, ME this past weekend. DJ Collin was absolutely fantastic to work with! He was quick to respond to our emails and calls and totally let us put together the run of show, but had great suggestions based on his previous experience. During the dance party he genuinely looked like he was having as much fun as the rest of us up there. Overall, I’d highly recommend Collin for your event or wedding!”

Mike & Jessica – Wedding – 7/6/19

This Event’s Weddingwire Review:

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Here is a great Weddingwire Review! :


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Emily & Adam – Wedding – 6/29/19

Great DJ who kept our party going!

“We worked with Collin from double platinum. He was professional and extremely responsive throughout the planning process – he graciously worked with our hectic schedules in the final days before the wedding. The online planning took was intuitive and helpful.

On the day of the wedding Collin worked seamlessly with our venue coordinator and officiant to make sure microphones and sound was all set to go. During the reception he did a great job MCing. Once we started dancing, he easily “read the room” and kept the party going all night! We are extremely glad we had collin and double platinum for our wedding! They were certainly worth every penny.”

Rachel & Steven – Wedding – 5/18/19

This Event’s Weddingwire Review:

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“Collin was the DJ for our wedding and he made everything so fun! We had an Iraqi-American wedding so we provided very diverse music which he was very happy to play for us. We gave him a handful of songs that we liked and he was able to plan each song perfectly. Everyone was dancing the whole night and got everyone to chant for my grandma dancing. He really made the night enjoyable. The way they handle clients and communication is impressive! I would say they are the best professionals!”

Alicia & Hussein – Wedding – 1/5/19

This Event’s Knot Review:

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 10.13.24 AM.png

“Everyone at Double Platinum Celebrations was super friendly, helpful and very professional. Our DJ Collin was fabulous! He had all our guests from 18 – 84 out on the dance floor all evening long. We have received so many compliments from our guests on what a great job he did. We are really pleased with the whole experience and would highly recommend Double Platinum Celebrations for your event.”

Danny & Michele – Wedding – 7/28/18

This Event’s Knot Review:

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“DJ Collin was our DJ for our July of 2017 wedding at Caswell Farms in Gray, Maine.  My husband and I could not be more pleased with how well our wedding went, in part, to our awesome DJ keeping everything on schedule and everyone on the dance floor.  He is very friendly, professional and the quality of service he provides could not have been better.  It’s easy to tell once you meet Collin that he really loves what he does.      

Throughout the entire process, from our initial meetings to the day of the wedding, Collin was very accommodating.  He took the time to connect with use on two different occasions before the big day to ease our minds and ensure everything would be prefect. His playlists featured everything we had requested and kept people of all ages dancing all night!

We wouldn’t have wanted anyone else as our DJ and we would highly recommend Collin for your wedding.”

Laura – Wedding

“Considering this was one of the most important days of my life, I could not be happier with having him as my DJ.  The level of professionalism he delivered was phenomenal. He was punctual for the set up and even offered to bring lights.  He was amazing at letting the bridal team know what was going on and introducing them. He was great at taking song suggestions. I had sent him a list of songs I would like to walk-in too and what second of the song I’d like him to start playing it – he delivered amazingly. He even took my mom out to dance bachata!  

My best friend even said “I wish I would have had him as my DJ”. “

Dani – Wedding

“Our experience with Collin as our wedding DJ was excellent.  I feel it was summed up the best when my dad said “I only like live music, but that DJ was awesome!” I got multiple inquiries after the wedding form friends who wanted his contact. 

For the reception the dance floor was absolutely packed from 7:30-after midnight. He kept the crowd going, and I had some specific requirements as far as playlist, and he used everything and mixed as he saw fit, really reading the crowds energy. 

We had our ceremony on the beach before the reception.  He was very professional and helpful with anything the entire night, even helped the officiant walk on the sand to the ceremony site. 

My brother has seen him DJ at a couple different venues, and says every time Collin is the DJ, no one ever leaves the dance floor, which I think is the key marker of a good DJ.”

Anni – Wedding 

 “Our wedding was in September and it was a special day, but having Collin there made everything flow smoothly.  I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve been to where there is a DJ, flipping through a binder of CDs, while at the same time trying to sound hip and rile everyone up and falling miserably.  Collin is a music lover and producer and because of that he brings a very intelligent view to each wedding. He understands what sounds good and what to play at the what moment and is really good at reading the crowd.

Our wedding was unique in that I was born outside of the US and there were some unique songs that had to be played to set the traditions right. Collin was able to play these songs at the right time, and had people in arms singing at the top of their lungs.

I recall how many people told me after the wedding that they loved Collin. I loved how he took a lot of the headache away from picking the music, I loved how flexible he was with the song selection, his ability to improvise, and he was very sociable.

I would not think twice to hire him again for my next big party.” 

Aleksandar – Wedding 

“Collin was amazing to work with.  He made sure we had everything we needed – from the music as I walked down the aisle, to lively announcements of the bridal party, to incorporating some of our favorite songs during the night.  Collin is energetic and fun, and the crowd definitely responded to this.  After the wedding, I received nothing but  compliments about Collin.  I even had family approach me saying how awesome the DJ was and how they would recommend him to other people.  I agree with that and I would highly recommend Collin.  He is really fun and has a seamless way of getting people on the dance floor!  The music for the entire night was fabulous.”

Jen – Wedding

“My wedding was a big success because of DJ Collin, since dancing is the main part of the wedding .  He was very polite and cooperative with us ! He said Yes to all of our requests as well.  From the first dance to the end of the party, he had everything lined up and he did an amazing job throughout the wedding . Would definitely recommend him for all my friends wedding.” 

Chanbir “Jazzy” Singh – Wedding 

“Collin brings the energy and enthusiasm that everyone would want for their wedding.  He is engaging, and his energy is contagious.

I’ve been saying it for a while, but Collin is the host of TRL that MTV never had.

He is the most genuine, and honest guy you will ever meet. He does his job with passion and happiness and that’s what makes him so special.” 

Ralph – Wedding

“Collin was an AMAZING DJ for our wedding!”
“We found Collin when we attended a friends wedding that he was DJing a few years ago, and we thought he did a great job getting the crowd involved and progressing the night through his song choices.  He was also great at speaking just enough over the mic to get people into it, but not too much where it took away from the ceremony.
As our DJ, he was super easy to deal with and made us feel great during the whole experience.  He simply asked for some song suggestions and was able to take polar opposites (Grateful Dead and EDM) and make it flow beautifully!  It was the best night of our lives for many reasons, but I truly believe Colin was the cultivator of the evening.”
Tucker – Wedding